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EMS Training

...denn du brauchst nur 15 Minuten!

EMS Fitness & Personal Trainer Ulm, Neu-Ulm und Ehingen - BodyNumber1 | EMS
EMS Training Ulm

It only takes 15 minutes per workout

That's more than enough time for an effective full-body workout. EMS is a real training accelerator.

Rücken Training Ulm

Gentle on the joints

improve fitness

The muscles are stimulated and strengthened directly via electrical impulses, without any additional weights.

Personal Training Ulm

Always 100% personal care

We live fitness and help you with our know-how to achieve your personal goals. Our personal trainers are present at every session and ensure the correct execution of the exercises and motivation.

The EMS training effect

Do you want to be fit in old age and free of symptoms or tighten your stomach and get in top shape? It has never been so easy, because with the modern EMS training method, the body's natural impulse is amplified via individual electrodes in such a way that 15 minutes replace approx. 3 hours of dumbbell training. The Studio BodyNumber1 combines electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) with first-class personal training, 3x in Ulm and 1x in Ehingen!

Find your EMS studio in the Ulm area

Studio for muscle stimulation 3x in Ulm & 1x in Ehingen

EMS Training Neu-Ulm City
EMS Training Ulm Söflingen
EMS Training Ehingen City

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We are your BodyNumber1 EMS Personal Trainer Team Ulm, Neu-Ulm and Ehingen

EMS Training BodyNumber1
Can I do EMS training?

Are you healthy and well?

Then EMS is an ideal form of training that not only saves time, but also achieves visible and noticeable success after just a few sessions. Absolute contraindications are the following: Pregnancy, pacemaker and if you currently have a feverish illness. You want to be sure, then ask your doctor or visit us on site, or make an appointment for a free consultation.

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