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EMS Standorte Ulm

our locations

EMS personal training

in the Ulm region

Always with a personal trainer

"Your best EMS training in Ulm and around Ulm and around Ulm! "


You can find EMS Personal Training 4 times in the Ulmer  region  (Söflingen, Ehingen, Neu-Ulm, Ulm).

As a member, you can easily book your appointment online. If you are interested, it is best to send us an inquiry using the contact form or simply visit us  in your desired branch!

Our EMS locations in the center of Ulm

EMS Standort Neu-Ulm City
EMS Standort Ulm Söflingen
EMS Standort Ehingen City

are you already training

Or are you still thinking?

...oder überlegst du noch?

Just smile - and start to train!

EMS Standort Ulm Söflingen, Ehingen, Neu-Ulm
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