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EMS Training Neu-Ulm City

EMS = Electrical Muscle Stimulation

The time-saving gym in the immediate vicinity

So why train a lot with such an intense effect?

You benefit directly from the electrifying advantages, because physical performance is increased in many ways. The training effects with electro muscle stimulation are up to 18 times higher than with traditional fitness training.

15 minutes a week are enough to achieve your goals.

Unbeatable advantages of EMS training:

  • Train muscles effectively

  • Personal training (1on1 | 1on2)

  • Save time with short training times

  • cellulite killer

  • Strengthen your back and pelvic floor

Contact EMS Fitness Neu-Ulm

Extrem effektives Krafttraining durch sehr freundliche Coaches. Wer schnellen Erfolg sehen möchte ist hier genau richtig. TOP

Oliver Gaida, Google Rezenzion

Pictures from the Neu-Ulm branch

EMS Training Neu-Ulm
EMS Personal Training und EMS Cardio Training Neu-Ulm
Immer mit persönlichem Trainer
Effektiv Muskeln trainieren
EMS Training Neu-Ulm City
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We have been on the road to success since 2009 and are looking for you to join us!

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Duales Studium Neu-Ulm Fitness

Duales Studium / Neu-Ulm

B.A. Fitnessökonom & Sportmanagement (m/w/d)

Sport- & Fitnesskaufmann Ausbildung Neu-Ulm

Ausbildung / Neu-Ulm

Sport- & Fitnesskaufmann (m/w/d)

Filialleitung Neu-Ulm Fitnessstudio

Duales Studium / Neu-Ulm

Filialleitung EMS Studio (m/w/d)

Ernährungscoach Neu-Ulm Ausbildung

Duales Studium / Neu-Ulm

B.A. Gesundheits- & Ernährungscoach (m/w/d)

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